Thursday, May 29, 2014

Four Books Done!

   The fourth Iowa Children's Choice Award nominee that I chose to read was Hiss-s-s-s! by Eric A. Kimmel. Omar wants a snake, but his mom is less than thrilled.  Read to find out how the adventure unfolds and how Omar and mom grow and change from their adventure. 
  Scattered throughout this book are some examples of onomatopoeia.  Other skills you could teach using this book might be make a picture or mental image.  The descriptions of certain events in the book are well written and certainly help the reader create a mental image.  
  I am considering using this as a read aloud in my class.  Our basal has an excerpt from the story Dear Mr. Winston by Ken Roberts and an informational text piece about snakes. I am thinking that I will read this to my class shortly before we get to that story and then we will compare and contrast the two fiction stories and use the nonfiction along with those to look at author's purpose. 

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