Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Slowly But Surely!

I've been in my classroom the last two evenings.  I decided that my bulletin boards needed recovered.  So I have been working on disassembling and reassembling them.  I will be putting my calendar on one board and my "I Can" Common Core statements on the other.  I hope to get more done on this as soon as my new laminator arrives.  I had had mine for 10 years and it died.


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  2. I LOVE the rocking chair! AND yyyaaahhhh, I'm your first follower! I LOVE fourth grade. In my opinion that is the very best age - old enough to have an intelligent conversation, but still young enough think its 'cool' to behave! LOL

  3. Thanks, the rocking chair is an antique that was collecting dust in my father-in-laws shop. The kids love reading in it. I agree fourth grade is a great age.