Sunday, July 15, 2012

Projects in Progress

I am very bad about skipping all over the place when it comes to projects.  I work on a bit of this, a bit of that, and back to this.  I have started my Story Starter Sticks, my I'm Done Sticks, and my Pick Me Pot. So here is a sneak peak at how they look so far.

Story Starter Sticks:  I got this idea from Pinterest, check out my School Ideas board to see more information.  It originated on this blog  I used basically the same labels as the original pinner.  I used yellow for character, red for conflict, green for setting, blue for special.  I need to purchase more green craft sticks so I can do the setting sticks.  I will add a picture of those when I get them finished.  I used those all on my Pick Me Pot.  I am going to use these sticks as one of my activities in my I'm Done Cup.

I'm Done Sticks:  I also found this on Pinterest.  It was originally posted on this blog  I have my sticks done, although I may add more as the year goes on and I think of other things the students could work on.  I have not decided what I am using for a container.  I am thinking about saving Crystal Light containers and trying to decorate them with fancy Duct Tape.  I am also creating a Being Done container for the students to put the stick they pulled in, as I don't want everyone working on the same thing.  When I get the containers created I will post pictures of them.

Pick Me Pot:  Pinterest again on this idea.  It is very possible that I am an addict ;)  This idea was originally posted on this blog  I have used number sticks to pick volunteers for most of my teaching career, this idea just dresses it up and makes it more fun to look at.  I am creating two pots.  One to choose volunteers during class and the other to choose who my classroom helpers are for the week.  The second jar will look just like the one I have done.  I just need to buy 2 more pots and more crystals. 

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